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Tue Apr 13 20:53:39 CDT 2004

On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, Martone wrote:

> Another question is: Is there a mantra or a kind of ritual I can do to Adi
> Sankara? I feel a need to pay him a homage.

Saturday 25th April (Vaishakha shukla 5) is Shankaracharya Jayanti which
commemorates the birthday of our Acharya (Ironically everyone agrees on
the day even if they don't agree on the year or century.)

The other important day is Friday June 15 (Ashadha Purnima) which is Guru
Purnima.  This is when Vedantins of all stripes pay homage to Shri Veda
Vyas who is the founder of the Vedanta Darshan, and the entire lineage of
Gurus from him to the present day.

As to a specific ritual for these occasions, pujas are done and learned
discourses given but the best way to honor the Guru is to keep his
teachings in  mind at all times.

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