[Advaita-l] question of dialectics

N.Seshan seshan at aviontec.com
Sat Apr 17 00:02:45 CDT 2004

I hav been seeing a lot of advaita- dvaita arguments/counters appearing 
and this might have been a full fledged war sometime back. I would like to 
know whether there has been a similar voluminous exchange btwn the 
advaitin-vishistadvaitins and dvaita-vishistadvaitins. Seems that the 
dvaita school was by far the most powerful opponent to advaita. SInce 
dvaita has differed with vishistadvaita, the force of the attack shud hav 
been equally strong, but I cant seem to find any material on that... is my 
assumption wrong? If it is felt that my question is out of place in this 
group, I request the moderator to do the needul. It is out of genuine 
doubt that i raise this query


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