[Advaita-l] Shri Haldipur Matha update

rohit ubhayaker rohit8ganesh at yahoo.co.in
Sat Apr 17 02:21:54 CDT 2004

Dear  Saadhakas ,
A  month  ago , I  had  reported  on  the  imminent  Pattaabhishekam  ceremonies  at  Shri  Haldipur  Matha .
The name  of  the  new  Mathaadhipati  of  this  matha  is  Shrimad  Vaamanaashrama Svaamiji .
The  sannyaasa  deekshaa  was  given  to  the  pontiff-designate  by  Shrimad  Sadyojaata  Shankaraashrama  Svaamiji  of  Shri  Chitraapura  Matha . The  new  pontiff  was  also  blessed  on  this  occasion  by  H.H.  Jagadguru  Shankaraachaarya  Shrimad  Bhaarati  Teertha  Mahaasvaamiji  of  Shri  Shringeri  Shaaradaa Peetham  and  Shrimad  Sacchidaanand  Jnaaneshvara  Bhaarati  of  Shri  Daivajna  Braahman Kirkee  Matha .
The  newly  appointed  pontiff  will  be  in  His  matha  for a  year  so  as  to  acclimatize  to  the  matha  administration . For  short  periods , He  has  decided  to  travel  to  Shringeri  and  Chitraapura  for  guidance  of  other  senior Aachaaryas .
With  Love ,
Rohit  N. Ubhayaker.

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