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Kiran B R kiranbr at rocketmail.com
Tue Apr 20 00:47:40 CDT 2004

Jaldhar wrote:

> The Vaishnava schools have mostly spent their 
> energy on attacking us rather than each other.  
> Which is really a back-handed compliment to us
> isn't it?

Among the Taoists is a proverb which goes like this:
"One who goes about praising one's teacher does so
indeed with the aim of patting one's own back!". Oh
what a wonderful lesson to the true shishya!

We must drop our ahaMkAra. That's one thing all the
AchAryAs taught.

All these philosophies - the *dvaitas and *isms and *s
- are ultimately waves of the sea trying to climb a
mountain. Nay, they reach not the top! The best among
men realize this, and reach the top immediately. The
rest never shed their shAstravAsanA, which is among
the three vAsanAs which bind one down:

lOkavAsanayA jaMtOH shAstravAsanayApi cha |
dEhavAsanayA j~JAnaM yathAvannaiva jAyatE ||

(-vivEkachUDAmaNI, 271)


achchakannaDigara guMpu!

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