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Tue Apr 20 16:52:43 CDT 2004

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Kiran B R wrote:

> Among the Taoists is a proverb which goes like this:
> "One who goes about praising one's teacher does so
> indeed with the aim of patting one's own back!". Oh
> what a wonderful lesson to the true shishya!
> We must drop our ahaMkAra. That's one thing all the
> AchAryAs taught.

True but on the other hand if we didn't have faith that the Acharyas had
the right answer then why would we care what they taught?

I appreciate Ramanuja, Madhva, Vallabha etc. on several grounds.  On a
purely intellectual basis alone.  For the way their criticisms and
consequent rebuttals polished the gem of Advaita Vedanta even further.
For the way they have caused their followers to follow Vedic dharma.

But at the end of the day I must unequivocally state that I consider them
inferior to Shankaracharya.  Why?  Because he and his disciples are my
deshikas (guides)  His philosophy impels my actions not those others.

When one is new and not well-informed, one should shy away from such bold
pronouncements.  However once one has chosen a particual spiritual
discipline it has to be followed to the hilt. Consider the word Mumukshu -
one who *desires* moksha.  Don't our acharyas say to give up desires?
But there is no paradox because there is a hierarchy of desires and an
order to their renunciation.  It's the same deal with praise of the Guru
and back-patting.

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