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praNAm Sri Kiran prabhuji
Hare Krishna

K prabhuji:

Both are are free from attachment to both karmaphala and karma. The
karmayOgI does not have any kartRutvabhAva.

Why doesn't a sanyAsI do work like everybody else? What reasons does
he have for not working (other than old age, physical incapability,
etc)? What is he going to lose if he does? There is no answer for
this. If there is something he is going to lose if he works, I accuse
him of being attached to that, and I call it the phala of the karma of
meditation. Being attached to karmaphala, he is comparable to the
worst ruffian on Dalal Street. Hence, I refuse to grant the
meditator-in-the-cave the elevated status which Shri Shankara grants.


prabhuji the saNyAsi coming under paramArtha saNyAsa category has been
glorified as saMyagjnAni in shankara bhAshya (saNyasEna saMyagdarshanEna
tatpUrvakEna vA sarvakarma saNyAsEna shankara bhAshya on gIta verse)..his
is the state of upAdhi rahita jnAna.  Hence, he will not put special effort
to renounce work.  Being established in reality, the work & related phala
will leave him themselves!! Though it looks like he is working like us, in
reality he is not doing anything!!!.  Krishna makes it clear in verse
karmaNyakarma yaH paShyEe akarmaNi cha karma yaH, the jnAni sees action in
inaction and inaction in action.  The genuine paramArtha saNyAsa consists
this.  Realizing the eternally *actionless* Atman as identical with his own

Whereas shAstra-s gives us slightly different picture of karmayOgi when
compared to saMyagjnAni paramArtha saNyAsi.  Though in quality (tattva
drushti) both are one & the same (for that matter who stands outside from
tattva drushti!!) , the external activities like dharma ShAstra pratipAdita
karma such as nitya & naimittika karmas i.e. saNdhyAvaNdanaM, pitru kArya,
vratAnuShTAna  etc. have to be carried out by karmayOgi without fail. It is
true that karma yOgi not gaining any fruits from these karma-s, but
it_is_his duty to perform these karma enshrined in dharma shAstra since
still he is gruhasta or dvija. In short we can say, pravrutti dharma meets
its final destination in karma yOgi & the essence of nivrutti dharma i.e.
paramArtha jnAna can be found in saNyAsi.

karma yOga helps us to purify our mind & elevates us in the spiritual
quest.  That is what shankara also says in gIta bhAshya (karma yOgEna
IshvarArpaNa bhuddhyA anuShTIyamAnaM .....tEna satvashuddhi
jnAnOtpattidvArENa cha aparE ...Ishvara prasAdanimittajnAnaprAptaiva.. etc.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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