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Namaste Srikrishnaji,

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> I have listened to Svami Ranganathananda of
> Ramakrishna Mission talk about this subject, and he
> talks at length saying that this is the wrong
> interpretation of Sankara's words. He also uses the
> same Sankara's commentary word by word and no where it
> seems to say that these two are separate paths. To
> some extent he sounds to say that from pravritti man
> grows to nivritti; not as a different path.

The commentary which I read also laid special emphasis on pravrithi and
nivrithi marga. It is a malayalam work written by Swami Chidananda Puri of
Advaita Ashramam, Kerala. He is a direct disciple of one of the SankAchAryas
in Puri (or Dwaraka..I forgot the right one).

> It is worth while if you can read Svami
> Ranganathanda's commentary which is very very
> interesting and seems to flow along with the present
> day scientific thought.

Why should we insist that Vedanta should be consistent with 'present day
scientific thought'?
Why cant we think the other way round??

Hari Om

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