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hariH Om !!

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> > I have listened to Svami Ranganathananda of
> > Ramakrishna Mission talk about this subject, and
> he
> > talks at length saying that this is the wrong
> > interpretation of Sankara's words. He also uses
> the
> > same Sankara's commentary word by word and no
> where it
> > seems to say that these two are separate paths. To
> > some extent he sounds to say that from pravritti
> man
> > grows to nivritti; not as a different path.
> The commentary which I read also laid special
> emphasis on pravrithi and
> nivrithi marga. It is a malayalam work written by
> Swami Chidananda Puri of
> Advaita Ashramam, Kerala. He is a direct disciple of
> one of the SankAchAryas
> in Puri (or Dwaraka..I forgot the right one).
> > It is worth while if you can read Svami
> > Ranganathanda's commentary which is very very
> > interesting and seems to flow along with the
> present
> > day scientific thought.
> Why should we insist that Vedanta should be
> consistent with 'present day
> scientific thought'?
> Why cant we think the other way round??

It does not matter whether we say A = B or B = A.

Also, the Advaita Vedantic thought is established
after debating logically, and analysing in Vedanta
Sutras. It is emphasised that if Veda says some thing
which is contradictory to our direct experience, then
we should discard Veda itself.

Whatever scientific research is going on is based on
observation and logic. the pursuit of science is to
find the truth. It is no different from the goal of
Vedanta. Ofcourse, the search is outwards. "Sarvam
Khalvidam Brahma". This manifested universe is nothing
but Brahman. The laws of nature are nothing but
Brahman. To whatever measure the present day scientist
is successful, it is all Knowledge. 

So, Science is a modern expression of nature of
Brahman as Knowledge. 

Now, comes another dimension i.e topic of known means
- known results, known means - unknown results,
unknown means - known results, unknown means - unknown
results. All this is Knowledge and its relationship to
manifestation. In this context science is trying to
convert every thing as known means - known results.
So, even if science can not talk about the other 3
relationships, the one possible area which is
addressed by science is most acceptable to all humans.
When all scientists give up saying  that there is no
way to establish some thing like the teachings of Veda
'scientifically', and if still it is established
subjectively by some, both streams will/may continue.
To that extent it is not necessary that Vedanta be
consistent with science because Veda does not talk in
such mathematical detail what is explained by current
scientific methods.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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