[Advaita-l] How to approach Sankara's Gita Bhasya?,

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Subject: Re: [Advaita-l] How to approach Sankara's Gita Bhasya?,

> > > It is worth while if you can read Svami
> > > Ranganathanda's commentary which is very very
> > > interesting and seems to flow along with the
> > present
> > > day scientific thought.
> >
> > Why should we insist that Vedanta should be
> > consistent with 'present day
> > scientific thought'?
> > Why cant we think the other way round??
> It does not matter whether we say A = B or B = A.
> Also, the Advaita Vedantic thought is established
> after debating logically, and analysing in Vedanta
> Sutras. It is emphasised that if Veda says some thing
> which is contradictory to our direct experience, then
> we should discard Veda itself.

Veda also talks about the absolute which cannot be validated by our direct
experience. Just take 'jIva-brahma-aikya'. It is not the direct experience
of a mumukshu doing sAdhana. If he discards the veda after finding the
contradiction, then how will he ever
evolve? So even if direct experience is contradicted, he ought to have the
faith (shraddha) in the scripture and move on.

> Whatever scientific research is going on is based on
> observation and logic. the pursuit of science is to
> find the truth. It is no different from the goal of
> Vedanta.

My point is that we have 'our own science' which has already found the
'Truth'. Why should we use the modern science as a yardstick?

Hari Om

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