[Advaita-l] Saravjnatman s Pancaprakriya

S Venkatraman svenkat52 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 02:09:08 CST 2004

Namasthe Kathirasanji,
While Shri. Lundgren has replied your question about the book, I have a more mundane clarification to seek from you on the five prakriyas themselves. I could think of only 3:
1. Pancha Kosha Prakriya
2. Sarira traya prakriya
3. Awastha traya prakriya
>From you question it seems Karana-karya prakriya is also one of them. Could you please let me know how exaxctly it is done?  Could you also help me with the fifth one.
Venkat - M

K Kathirasan NCS <kkathir at ncs.com.sg> wrote:
Namaste Stigji,

Does this book examine the five prakriyas (karana-karya prakriya,
panchakosha prakriya etc....)? 

best regards,
K Kathirasan

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