[Advaita-l] smriti mukta phala

Ajit Krishnan ajit at mudgala.com
Mon Jan 26 01:14:45 CST 2004

Dear List Members,
I have been searching for a book (Smriti Mukta Phala, or Vaidyanatha
Dikshitiiyam) for quite some time. As far as I can tell, this book is
out-of-print, and has been so for quite some time. I recently came across a
gentleman who has this book in Devanagiri script. (The 6 kandas are in 3
volumes totalling 1000 pages. The text is clearly legible, and the book is
in good condition.) I would like to try to get this beautiful work
reproduced professionally. Obviously, this is only possible if there is
significant interest. (I will also need to get the book owner's permission
to do this, and this will require significant coaxing, given the rarity of
this work. However, I think this is manageable.)
If others would be interested in such an effort, please contact me directly.
Also, if this book (or a copy) is already available, in any script, I would
appreciate knowing about it. Tips about digiting books are also welcome.

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