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Sun Nov 21 22:29:40 CST 2004

It is understandable that Both are essential, - being a Srothriya and a Brahmanishta.  But when the question comes, which is the option when left with a choice of selecting only one trait, the answer comes to aid - Shrothriya.

Atleast one fact i have observed in my life - The confidence that the (mere) Shtorthriyas have.  The are clear all the time in what they say, we are also clear that we are listening to some one who knows what he says.

While Gurus who have not had the teaching of the Sampradaya in the traditional way, and who are not aware of the Sampradaya - it is really difficult with them.  in my expereince, i have seen them overemphasising their Guruthwa in even mundane things - Faith ALONE is their upadesa and command.   

With due respects, it has many a times irritated.

have never seen such a trait with a Sampradayavid Shorthriya even if he is not a Nishta.  he is neverthless cool, aware that he is yet to be a full Nishta.  He doesnt command, as he is confident that his Knowledge will command better.

this is my experience.

Thanks & Regards,

Sadgurubhyo Namah.
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