[Advaita-l] Guidance of Guru.

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Sun Nov 21 08:48:18 CST 2004

Dear member
You have said that it is better that a guru is sthothriya than a brahmanishta as there will be difficulties in communication from a brahmanishta.Though ina way it may appear as correct it may not serve the objective.It is for the disciple to dwelve at length what the Guru has said and find for himself the true meaning of his utterances.For this the disciple has to study the scriptures deeply and go on delving on the sayings almost all the 24 hrs!When certain sayings of either the scriptures or the Guru are not clear the disciple has to meditate on the unclear sayings with a craving as to what has been conveyed.If he is sincere in this approach definitely he will get at the truth.It may occur immediately or may take more time.What I want to emphasise is that there should be absolute faith and assiduously look forward to the correct meanings of the sayings.Vedantha is a subjective science and every individual can not have the same under standing even if it is explained at length like other physical sciences.This is my personal experiance also.If you read Thirumanthiram you will find so many mystic utterances but  once you dwelve upon it you will get at the real meaning as originally meant by Thirumoolar. Pranams,Krishnamoorthy.

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