[Advaita-l] Sankaracharya's Arrest

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 22 16:26:08 CST 2004

Dear Sri Umakanth Sarma,

There is a difference between disorganized sector and organized sector. We 
can not use the same yard stick for both.

A government is an example of organized sector. Organized sector has higher 
pretensions of being egalitarian and just. So this matter has to be settled 

Individuals living in a society are a disorganized sector. There are all 
kinds of people, and it is impossible to understand let alone control their 
behavior, except by studying customs, practices, cultures, jatis and varnas. 
It is always possible to pick an errant example to prove a point.

Indian society has been dynamic, not stagnant, even considering last two 
decadesof history. The latest events will surely reorganize and regroup 
dharmic people across all sections of society, eliminating the artificial 
differences. Those who held vain claims of authority of status (agreed there 
are many such people) would tend to lose their hold precisely because their 
support is based on weaker foundation, and it will be a good riddance. Those 
who derive their authority from real dharmic spirit do not lose any of their 
authority and people will continue to respect them as brahmanas. Hopefully 
this will also pave way for recognizing more aspirants to brahmana fold, 
thereby starting a new dynamism in society. Remember, it should be the karma 
that should decide varna, not jati alone.

First time when I heard the news of the arrest, I thought the acharya could 
refuse to defend himself (a Jesus Christ-like feat). Later I realized that 
the acharya should fight and test the soundness of organized sector.

Best regards

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