[Advaita-l] Sankaracharya's Arrest- Introspection

vishwanthan Krishnamoorthy krishvishy at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 16:56:48 CST 2004

The innocence or otherwise of H.H Swamigal cannot be
proved by this forum as all aspects of the case are
not available for our perusal.

Based on the hype generated by the media one gets a
feeling that all of Hinduism is on trial and not just
the Kanchi seer

However it is a time for introspection on a lot of

1. If the entire event is being orchestrated towards
political gain or to further the ambition of
individual/s then we have to devise some mechanism by
which people's faith and beliefs are not shaken by
such machinations.

2. The bedrock principles of Hinduism and the
philosophy of advaita Vedanata still hold true inspite
of the incidence. Any attempt by vested interests to
gain mileage should be documented somewhere. I suggest
that a weblog be maintained wherein people can log any
such incidence including discrimination/ridiculing in
workplace etc... this will provide a unified forum to
document and set right any such events.

3. Unfortunately there have been alleged cases of
nepotism in the Kanchi Math. It now is the
responsibility of each individual who believes in the
sanctity of and/or has contributed even a single paisa
to the Math to see that the Math is upholding the
principles it was founded on. I suggest that we setup
a watchdog organization to do so. Money and corruption
go hand in hand and a there is a linear relationship.

4. Though setting up of Hospitals and Schools is a
laudable effort, however it is not in compliance with
either Mathamnaya or Mahanusasana or any other texts
governing the Maths.
If there is a need to get into such activities, the
Kanchi Math should have set up a separate organization
to do so with out the direct involvement of the
5. Unfortunately most Maths(Puri, Dwaraka) and
UpaMaths are mired in controversy, Kanchi and Sringeri
are the least controversial. If the trust erodes in
them, there will be no place to turn too to interpret
the sastras.

6. Lastly everyone should adhere to a dharmic way of
life. Unless the daily anushtanams prescribed is being
followed no prayers that have been suggested will be
fruitful. Dharma will protect us only if we sustain

The checks and balances in the Indian constitution is
weak and to expect the judiciary to function in vacuum
is naive. ground realities leads one to believe that
the Judicial process is liable to corruption.

My personal belief is that the H.H Swamigal is
innocent as it in not possible for a Gayatri upasaka
to commit such a heinous crime as having a person
brutally hacked to death (it is not very rational but
I cannot help that). 


--- Bhadraiah Mallampalli <vaidix at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Sri Umakanth Sarma,
> There is a difference between disorganized sector
> and organized sector. We 
> can not use the same yard stick for both.
> A government is an example of organized sector.
> Organized sector has higher 
> pretensions of being egalitarian and just. So this
> matter has to be settled 

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