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sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Tue Nov 23 18:54:17 CST 2004

Dear member
I was having in mind Late JK when I put down my views.Yes it is difficult to understand him.So I also thought that he is a mystic.I ardently read his books also attended a video conversation between him and a western scholar-I am not able to recollect his name just now- and another meeting presided by Buddhist monk arranged by the JK foundation at Adyar.I did these to clearly understand what he says about life and whether they are true.He has said that begin everyday as a new one forgetting the bygone one.What he has meant by this is that our deeds are clouded/coloured by our past experiences.We act always in the mode of once bitten twice shy.He wants us to avoid this as the next experience may not be identically so.This is applicable in human relationships.This teaching of him has definitely helped me and you can also try this.The same good /bad person may not be so in the next moment.The amygdala is supposed to record all our bad and good experiences and guides us avoid bad experiences probably working as a defence mechanism to aid life`s growth and its availability  on earth to the maximum extent.This is like avidhya -not known when started and why started-.You would have observed that we remember bad experiences more vividly and more longer than the good ones according to one`s own rating system.Sri JK therefore says forget the past.Ofcourse this is my own discovery after long deliberations and reading books about Brain and its functions.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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