[Advaita-l] guidance of guru : About Jiddu

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 23 23:10:31 CST 2004

Dear Sri R. Krishnamoorthy,

Late JK was a great thinker who had respect for vedas and there is a lot of 
truth in his works. But JK is not a shrotriya, as a result his works lack 
the accuracy, they are prone to misinterpretations, and some times appear to 
promote dualisms.

There is a right way to understand his works, and you explained your part 
correctly. There is also a wrong way to understand his message. E.g., memory 
(of past events) is a faculty of our own mind, and JK's rejection is not 
justified. Ch.U.7 places smara (memory) two levels below prana. JK also 
denounces anticipation, but Ch.U.7 places asha (hope/anticipation) just one 
level below prana! Is JK right or wrong when he rejects memory and 
anticipation? He is right provided he identifies with prana. But his 
teachings can only confuse a beginner who hasn't reached the levels of smara 
and asha, operating at lower levels like name, vak or manas. Trying to 
meditate on the highest by rejecting memory and anticipation is like someone 
kicking the ladder before stepping onto the attic.

Best regards

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