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hari om
to give a simple analogy for adhyaaropa apavada method of teaching:
the floor is already swept and kept clean. but if i need to teach someone how to use a broom to clean the floor, i litter the floor and ask the person to sweep it and then it becomes clean again.
brahma is untainted and clean. we put the dirt of creation and all suffering upon it and then try to sweep it clean using the upanishadic lessons and when we realise the Truth, it lbecomes clean again !

bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com wrote:

praNAms Kathirasan prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks for the kind words.

Further to subject mail, Sri Jaldhar prabhuji & Sri Sunder Hattangadi
prabhuji have kindly provided the references from paiNgaLOpanishat for
adhyArOpa apavAda. Here it is for the ready reference for the members :


(a) Sri Sunder Prabhuji's reference:

Paingala upan. 2:10 -

adhyaaropaapavaadataH svaruupa.n nishchayiikartu.n
shakyate .
tasmaatsadaa vichaarayejjagajjiivaparamaatmano
jiivabhaavajagadbhaavabaadhe pratyagabhinnaM
iti .. iti dvitiiyo.adhyaayaH .. 2..

[A dialogue between Yajnavalkya and Paingala.]

(b) Sri Jaldhar Vyas prabhuji's reference :

I assume you mean paiNgalopaniShad? It is II.12.

tadAsadgurumAShritya chirakAlasevayA bandham mokSham kashchita prayAti |
avichArakR^ito bandho vichArAn mokSho bhavati tasmAt sadA vichArayet |
adhyAropApavAdataH svarUpaM nishchayIkartuM shakyate | tasmAt sadA
vichArayejjagajjIva paramAtmAno jIvabhAva jagadbhAva bAdhe pratyagabhinnam
brahmaivAvashiShyata iti ||

(apologies for transcription errors, I don't have much time.)

Then taking refuge in the Guru and serving him for a long time, he should
request to know what is bondage and liberation. Bondage caused by lack of
enquiry becomes liberation by enquiry. So one should always enquire. It
is possible to determine the true form [of the self] through
superimposition and negation. So one should always enquire into [the
nature of] the world, jiva and and paramatma, by negating the jiva and the
world only the most subtle [self] which is not different from Brahman


Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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