[Advaita-l] adhyArOpa apavAda - An Unique Method of Teaching

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Fri Nov 26 03:20:19 CST 2004

praNAms Latha mAtAji
Hare Krishna

You said it all in simple two three lines!!...thanks a lot mAtAji.

Here what we have to mainly understand is,  adhyArOpa (deliberate
superimposition) is temporary & it is just there to teach something which
is abstract to the bear eyes.  apavAda means subsequent rescission of the
superimposed thing after the uncertainity of the thing in question is
removed.  This can be explained by using another simple example.  In the
process of new house construction....for plastering the side walls & for
doing the centering work of the stair case & roof etc., on a temporary
basis, we tie the bamboos (we call it *sarve kattodu* in kannada) &
use it for the construction work.  Once the work is completed we remove the
bamboos as the purpose of this temporary set up is served.  Likewise,
scriptures, for those who believe that jagat & jIva has separate existence
apart from brahman, initially for the convenience of better understanding,
teaches the truth as per their understanding & subsequenty by saying nEti
nEti ( not like this, not like this) eliminate the attributes, names &
forms falsely superimposed on absolute featureless parabrahman.  The
dualistic statements in the scriptures is because of this.  Ultimately it
teaches nirguNa nirvikAri brahman which is devoid of any taint of duality.
jIva & jagat superimposed on brahman just to teach us the secondless nature
of brahman.  This superimposed thing never ever has separate existence
apart from brahman.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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