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Kiran B.R. kiran.br at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 11:23:23 CDT 2004

> We can say at the very beginning most beings are just animals. i.e.  it
> can react to stimulus and do what it needs to in order to survive and
> that's it.  While such beings are as much Brahman as the wisest sage they
> can never realize it because they lack self-awareness.

How do you know that "they can never realize it"? What measurements
did you make on them before you came to this conclusion?

You cannot judge a brahmaj~JAni from his actions, for he is the vidvAn
following this shloka:

saktAH karmaNyavidvAMsO yathA kurvaMti bhArata |
kuryAdvidvAMstathAsaktaSchikIrShurlOkasaMgraham ||

We humans may just not be having the measuring instrument to measure
the brahmaj~JAna of a horse, a porcupine, or a snail.

> When some one claims he has realised the Brahman, how what are his
> qualities/behaviour?
>> He is utterly indifferent towards the world of multiplicity not because he
>> hates it or looks down on it but it is totally meaningless for him.

Sure, but that does not mean he'll be sitting in a cave like a dead
man or a vegetable thinking of nothing or something "beyond". Even
"nothing" and "beyond" are meaningless to him. He can be doing karma
like you and I. Indeed, among workers, He is the shrEShTha. Among
warriors on the battlefield, He is Krishna!

A better answer to the question as to what are the qualities and
behaviour of one who has realized brahman are, is: He shall have the
qualities of Krishna, He shall behave like Krishna!


achchakannaDigara baLaga!

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