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On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Srikrishna Ghadiyaram wrote:

> In reply to this post Sri Stig mentioned - "However,
> there is a view among scholars that Shankara is the
> author only of the
> first
> 101 slokas, while the rest of the slokas (102-144)
> where authored by
> someone
> else at a later stage. As far as I understand, this
> view was shared
> also by
> Satchidanandendra Swamiji."
> Jaldhar:  would you please comment if Dipika has
> commentary on slokas 102 to 144, and similaly did the
> other traditional teachers/quthors quote from slokas
> 102 to 144 ?

Dipika is the only commentary I have handy.  It covers all 144 shlokas.
However it must be said that the yogic material is only in shlokas
102-144.  The prior shlokas expound an entirely standard account of
Advaita Vedantic sadhana.  So while not provable, it is plausible that
the latter shlokas were added by someone after Shankaracharya.  (But
before Swami Vidyaranya.)

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