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> hariH Om !!
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> > The fact is that the lineage of Chinmaya Mission
> > (CM) is rooted
> > in the Sringeri Math.
> > 
> I have been visiting Chinmaya Mission in California
> for the last 5 years. I have not heard from any one in
> the Chinmaya Mission saying that it has a lineage from
> Sringeri Matha.

>From the advaita VedAnta homepage at
"Among these, the founders of the Ramakrishna Mission, the
Divine Life Society and the Chinmaya Mission trace their
spiritual descent through the Sringeri paramparA."

A verbatim quote obtained from
http://www.sanskrit.org/Shankara/shankar4.html .


> Even in San Jose, CA Vedic Chanting is taught to all
> people without asking about caste or upanayanam. Also,
> women are allowed.

If you're living in San Jose, we should meet up. I live in

> > FWIW, I have personally attended the lectures of
> > Swami Dayananda
> > Saraswati (who was formerly associated with the CM),
> > and his
> > eloquence in imparting knowledge of Vedanta is
> > second to none.
> > 
> Svami Dayananda did not do all his Vedanta learning
> from Svami Chinmayananda, though he started his
> Vedanta learning from Svami Chinmayananda. 

That's the reason for my statement.


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