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Dear sir, 

          The Varna vyavastha in our country is totally
It is high time to organize a seminar with all the highly
learned pundits, and write a new Smriti, according to the recent social and
economical conditions of the society.  This can be the duty of the vishwa
Hindu Parishad to bring all the sects of the Hindu Dharma to one platform,
for which all the aachaaryaas should cooperate.

 praNAms prabhuji-s
 Hare Krishna

 With regard to changing the smruthi texts according to the needs of
 present day environment, one of my friends recently posted the following
 observation of Sri Kanchi paramAchArya, I think it is relevant to the
 present discussion :

 // quote //

 There is a wrong impression about the dharmasastras even among those who
 treat them with respect. They think that the rules and duties of the
 Smrtis were formulated by their authors on their own. They call these
 authors "lawgivers" who, in their opinion, laid down "laws" that reflect
 their own views. Further they think that the dharmasastras were composed
 in the same way as our Constitution. Such a view give rise to another
 idea. We keep amending the Constitution whenever we find that it stands in
 the way of certain measures being introduced. It is asked, on the same
 logic, why the dharmasastras too should not be changed according to the
 beliefs and ideas of the present times.

 People ask me :"Why should not the sastras be changed to suit the times?
  The government changes its laws, does it not? " They sing my praises and
 tell me: "You are like the sages, the authors of the Smrtis. If only you
 make up your mind you can change the Smrtis to suit our times. " In effect
 what they respectfully suggest is this: "Please change the sastras as we
 would like them to be changed. "

 If the Smrtis really represent the views of the authors there is nothing
 wrong in what these people think about them and about what they want me to
 do about them. But those who want the dharmasastras changed do not see to
 know that they (the Smrtis) do not reflect the view of the sages who
 composed them. What the authors of the Smrtis have done is to present us
 in an orderly fashion what is already contained in the Vedas. The Vedic
 word cannot and must not be changed at any time and on any account. The
 same applies to the rules and laws laid down in the Smrtis.

 // unquote //

 Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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