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> Further more in my mail of more than 30 lines or so, 2 lines
> refererred to the aruNa prashna. I sincerely apologize to
> literalist
> interpreters who will use a mantra only literally.

Since the only people who took part in the reply to your
question were Ravi and I, I can only guess that the above
statements are a veiled reference to me.

For my part, I should explain that the idea that the durgA
suktam.h did not refer to durga primarily but to agni, was not
mine, but my Guruji's, who is one of the closest disciples to
the Sringeri mahaasannidhaanam.h, and extremely esteemed for his
scholarship on the entire yajurveda all over Sringeri. Members
of this list cannot hold a *candle* to either his devotion to
the Vedas or his profound knowledge of Vedic mantras. This being
the case, his view carries much weight, and if he feels that the
primarily deity of durgA sUktam.h is agni, and moreover gives
precise reasons why this is the case, I'm inclined to think that
it is indeed the case. I don't know specifically about the sUrya
namaskaara mantra, but he also referred to it as not primarily
referring to sUrya, and must have very good reasons for doing
so. If anything, it may only help one understand better by
providing an alternate view that one may not be accustomed to.

Sardonic remarks may be good at pointing out certain aspects of
an argument, but it does little to address what is wrong with
the alternate point of view. Each one has his or her authority
that they respect, and it is for precisely this reason that we
have this forum to discuss using reason rather than useless


> Apparently
> **na**
> ekam sat, vipraa bahudhaa vadanti !!  The other shorter
> namaskaara I
> quoted directly addresses suurya everywhere. We have a way of
> digressing (advaita list) which is quite astounding.
> Rama

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