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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Thu May 12 00:22:36 CDT 2005

namaste to all learned souls
      my name is narendra sastry
age is 27 years
place currently living is Brisbane, Australia
Occupation: Programmer
my fathers name: shankar narayan sastry
fathers occupation: priest in a temple of California
mothers name: venkata lakshmi
mother occupation: home maker
i have 3 elder brother but no sisters & i'm the youngest.
we are basically from Mysore, karnataka India
our basic occupation is Purohitya.
we belongs to telugu velnadu smartha brahmins
my gothra is kaushika
our veda is Yajurveda
suthra is apastamba
i have learnt Rudra,chamaka,srisukta,purusha sukta,narayana sukta, durga
sukta.ganesha atharva sheersha. and some hymns from mahanarayanopanishat.
this i've learnt at the age of 13 from one of the gurus at shankar matt
mysore. my veda guru name is Ramesh Adiga
i got upanayanam in the age of 12.
we are dedicated to Sringeri Sharada Petham.
      i consider my self as the desciple and devotee of SriRamaKrishna
Paramahamsa t i consider there is no difference between shankara and my
guru. they are one and same
      my aim in life is to attain the *state* which all vedas and upanishats are
preaching for. my favorite yoga is Gnana yoga. and favorite upanishat is
and have studied Living with the Himalayan Masters and Autobiography of a
Yogi.and SriRamaKrishnaVachanaVeda( or Kathamrita my "M").
      my basic belief is "BRAHMAIVA SATHYAM"
my favorite quote is " TATVAMASI"
      unfortunately i am not dedicating much of my time and energy for this,
because of these worldly dualities. so i want to keep up my mind always in
the direction of supreme soul that is PARABRAHMA,which is TRIKALA ABHAADITHA

narendra sastry

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