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> Pranams:
> Since you do not wish to continue this thread very much longer, I will try
> and make this my last post on this thread to you. I will address your
> points
> in the light of of the Kabir vakya so that my original reason for it
> becomes
> clearer...
> My observation is that we only worry about these people (who mostly belong
> to the lower strata of society) when they get go in for "conversion". The
> very fact that they wish to convert is that they feel that by doing so
> they
> will find an avenue for relief from their miserable condition (be it
> physical or spiritual). And who has allowed them to be in that condition?
> You and me (if not you, I know for sure I have some hand in it). Do I ever
> read a full article on the condition of adivasis, for example, in the
> paper
> or am I busy chasing after the editorial for "more important" matters? Do
> I
> spend time working with the underprivelged or am I more busy with making
> my
> career? It is we, as Hindus, who have failed the converts rather than the

 Hardly the case. Plenty of people from our community of Hindus all over the
country have been working zealously to uplift tribals and protect their
interests. It is because of certain political zealots that this has not been
publicised. As far as conversions are concerned we Hindus have every right
to defend our co-religionists from missionaries. Also how can a rational
person claim that by worshipping some monotheistic deity all economic
problems wil vanish?

Christians who have succeeded. On long reflection I have found that it is no
> use complaining about the ills of society if you sit back and do nothing
> about it. If you feel society should be better, show it a way to do so and
> don't complain...that's the easy part!
> And about the Mughal invasion. The Manduya Upanishad which I am studying
> right now, points out that the Virat and Visa is the same. What happens in
> the Visva is reflected in the Virat and viceversa. In this light, there
> are
> two ways of looking at this:
> > as humans (visva) go thru trials and tribulations in their lives, so
> does
> the country (virat). It is a phase and one comes out stronger by means of
> it
> > the virat thinking of the country had come to such a level that it was
> inviting an assault by another people. I have forgotten my pre-mughal
> history so cannot give you an exact example but was the country disunited
> with small kingdoms fighting among themselves waiting to be walloped by a
> more united one?

  A problem with us 'educated' people is we know practically nothing of the
pre-mughal history of our land. Practically all our history books deny any
value of studying this important phase of the people of our land. This must
be set right. As far as 'small kingdoms fighting amongst each other', our
ancients must have been of much more valour and fortitude to have retained
the Vaidika culture in the country even during and after a millenium of
islamic rule! It is thanks to the valour of our forefathers as well as
today's 'faithful Hindus' that you and I are able to discuss advaita and the
Vedas on the internet today!

So, the Mandukya's equivalence points to the same Kabir vakya when you
> equate the Virat and the visva as one.
> I will end with a Buddhist phrase (which incidently is in perfect harmony
> with Advaita):
> "Everything is perfect, but could do with a lot of improvement!"
> So, see the perfection! Thou are That! Thou art perfect! And so is the
> world! That is realization!
> Humble pranams, Mahesh

 Are we really qualified to call ourselves 'realised'? We must enquire into
this matter with the aid of logic, scriptures and Guru! This my humble

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> asmadAcArya paryantam vande guru paramparam

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