[Advaita-l] reg. bhagavadgItA discussion...

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 10:58:29 CST 2005

Dear Amuthan:

Please start. It does not matter even if someone else is  posting
those same verses and subject such as, bhagavad-gItA is worth
repeating. I will also try to post something from next week. Even
after  pArthiva year ends we can still continue to carry on this

We no longer have any bhagavad-gItA specific posting guidelines. But
we have not posted a formal withdrawal of the guidelines.



On 11/3/05, Amuthan Arunkumar R <aparyap at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> if no one else has plans of posting on this topic,
> i'll take this up. i was a little hesitant to start
> posting on this topic earlier since i don't have a
> very thorough knowledge of the gItA, but if no one
> else is willing to start, then i don't mind learning
> gItA "aloud" by posting on the parts i learn, as and
> when i learn. however, if someone is willing to start,
> i'll be too happy to keep quiet and learn.

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