[Advaita-l] Largest Mercury Shivalingam in the World Created in Ujjain, India

Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 5 10:38:03 CST 2005

Namaste Jayanarayanan-Ji:
Apologies if this is out of the scope of list's discussions.  But I hope the knowledgeable list members will think for themselves and take the necessary actions by guiding the colleagues.
In US they have switched to alternate ceramic fillings because of the mercury issue.  If patient insist on Silver Amalgam filling then dentist is supposed to warn them of the associated risks in-order to reduce comply with his malpractice insurance requirements
Already the toxicity of mercury exposure is well documented in the literature.  Some of the papers are listed below:  There are over 100,000 scientifically published articles pertaining to the exposure of mercury toxicity in industrial, mining, even scientist who use vacuum systems with mercury pressure gauges.  This is because of the vapor pressure of mercury.
It is unfortunate that we do not want to even acknowledge known problems.  First step of solving the problem is acknowledging it.
While Epidemiologists trying to find answers for the exponential propagation of AIDS in India and China; WHO identifies culture not willing to accept and acknowledge the problem as being the real problem.
At the end of your message you say  - "Work for the Employer with the best benefits! Work for God!".
In advita that God is not separate from "you - the individual" and you yourself have to take the responsibility for your own liberation through knowledge. bandhur aatmaiva ripur aatmanaH.  You are your own friend and your are your own enemy.  
IMHO - Advaita is not for academic discussions but to liberate ourselves by recognizing the knowledge. 
aj~naana hR^idaya grnathiH naasho moxaadaiti smR^itam
Meaning - Remembering that the amputation of that gland that secrets ignorance leads to liberation / salvation. 
Considering God separate from you, you are placing the responsibility of you salvation on others rather than recognizing your own responsibilities.  You never get rich by working for others.  The real salvation is becoming own employers (Industrialist). 
Toxic substance is toxic regardless where it is manifested, because it is it's dharma.  Our dharma is to recognize that hazard and save ourselves.  But it looks like that we are carving our own destiny of destruction under the banner of "Ancient Culture". What a travesty of knowledge !!  We absolutely deserve to suffer.
We are starting discussion on Giitaa.  It is not how many time we go through gitta is important but allowing giitaa to go through at least once may help us.
hariH OM tat sat !
Dr. Yadu



S Jayanarayanan <sjayana at yahoo.com> wrote:

Mercury is a liquid at room temperature, so my guess is that it was
amalgamated with another metal so as to make it a solid. For example,
mercury amalgamated with silver or gold is used in dental fillings
that are placed in one's mouth for years, and these pose no health

Or perhaps liquid mercury is placed inside another solid metal
container. Even so, it should be fine.

It would be interesting to compare this with the Brihadisvara Lingam
in Tamilnadu, which used to be the largest in the world.



--- Yadu Moharir wrote:

> Dear All:
> This is shocking and really take the cake. Mercury exposure is a
> huge problem and a major concern for the industrialized Nations and
> rather than learning from the scientific findings we are
> deliberately ignoring it by promoting this nonsense, under the
> banner of culture.
> Does any one realize the toxicity of mercury? Has anyone even
> considered before undertaking this "Blind Faith"?
> Just do a Pub-Med Search and Goggle search and find our the
> associated problems. Indian Government should totally ban such
> nonsense. Worshiping in the atmosphere of mercury the saadhaaka
> would not only reduce his life span but quality of living even a
> normal health.
> He not going to the heaven bout creating a hell on the Earth. This
> inviting "a-Laxmi". No one can save us if we have decided to
> destroy ourselves.
> Regards,
> Dr. Yadu

Work for the Employer with the best benefits! Work for God!

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