[Advaita-l] Largest Mercury Shivalingam in the World Created in Ujjain, India

Prasad Reddy prasada.reddy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 14:15:16 CST 2005

Om SrImAtrE namaH

I agree with great Dr. Yadu's greater concern about ill effects of mercury.
I had a distant relative that tookup christianity.
She had some thigh bone fracture and had that white-cement-bandage for the
mandatory month/3 months. I am not sure of the time.
As everybody else, she started to get feeling like scratching under neath
that plaster.She had lot of faith in her newly found faith- i.e.
And not scratched altered anything with determination and entrusting outcome
to the Jesus, thus hoping the best outcome.
Late on smell started to come out of it, amd plaster become loose, relatives
insisted her for an X-ray checkup and/or hospital visit. But she is adamant,
saying that she entrusted everything to the God, and he will take care of
her , no doubt about it.

Eventually, worms started creeping out of the plaster, and when they opened
that plaster, you just can't imagine what was there, just thigh bone and
very little of rotten flesh dangling on it. By understanding that fact
itself, she died on the spot.

What do I think of that.

Did not LOrd God helped Alexander Fleming to find antibiotic Pencillin. Did
not God warned her to have health check up?
How would you think God will have his say, if he is willing to guide you.
God's advice comes like this only in all misterious ways around you, like
Dr. Yadu's concern.

That is why SrI SrI SrI bhAsurAnandanAtha - started varivasyA rahasya - by
saying bhadram karNEbhiH etc.
Your senses are everything through which you perceive this world. Thus
MahAmAya holds weapons pertaining to senses in her four hands.

In otherwords God is a big concept, not personified somewhere.
Trust God, but not trust mercury. Trust God , but don't trust me.
Beleive/see it's God that cautioning us through Dr. Yadu.
And trust that God. You may/may not need to trust Dr. Yadu though.

Let our senses guide us in the right direction.

Om SrIgurussarvakAraNa bhUtA SaktiH.
Om SrIguruparabrahmaNE namaH

Disclaimer: my effort here is not to belittle any faith, but to raise
the point that: God conveys his message to us in various ways and always
remember there is nothig but God.
There is no evil/satan that haunts you,
when you give due respect to analyze all your inputs, not turning blind eye/
belittling any information feeds.

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