[Advaita-l] Largest Mercury Shivalingam in the World Created in Ujjain, India

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> Om SrImAtrE namaH
> I agree with great Dr. Yadu's greater concern about
> ill effects of mercury.

> How would you think God will have his say, if he is
> willing to guide you.
> God's advice comes like this only in all misterious
> ways around you, like
> Dr. Yadu's concern.

  I wrote this in another list.

  The rasa tantras like the rasa hR^idaya tantra,
clearly state that Mercury is poisonous and that it
has viSha doSha which can cause gradual death on

 To remove this viSha doSha Mercury is subjected to
samskAra-s like mUrchana etc. These samskaras are
different herbal and chemical processes sometime
coupled with mantra-s.

So our ancestors are very well aware of the effects of
Mercury. In addition there is rasa linga worship in
some sanyAsi traditions. I was told that it is known
to give great results and only people seriously
practicing full time haTha yoga and the like are
usually given these linga-s. This worship od rasa
linga is done in conjunction with following other
practices like consuming tulasi kAShaya i.e
concentrated juice extracted from tulasi plant.
I was also told that worshipping ras alinga and
consuming tulasi kAShAya have similar effects.

It will be good to consider these things before 
giving suggestions on matters unknown.

The last statement is a general statemnt and not
directed at shrI Prasada Reddy.


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