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Lingam basically is a geometric representation of infinity. Lingam is ellipsoid in shape and ellipsoid is the nearest geometric shape that conveys infinity. Science confirms that all galaxies when seen as a whole from afar are ellipsoid in shape. So that is the best symbolic shape to represent infinite formless primordial power. 

Prasad Reddy <prasada.reddy at gmail.com> wrote:
Om SrImAtrE namH.

No wonder, If we are fool/wise enough to personify the Lord Maheshwara,
How can not we be fooler/wiser to associate Maheshwara's body parts to
something that we see around - like Shiva's lingam to Shivalingam.

Yesterday, humans sent another probe to the planet Venus. So I was going
through this article comparing Planet Venus' conditions to Earht's
conditions on bbcnews.
They compared it, because this planet resembles more likely to ours and may
evolve to be like earth in cosmically-relatively-near future.

the article is here http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4335628.stm

Venus' atmosphere pressure is 90 times multiplied to that of earth, we could
be crushed to pieces in no time.And it is filled with volcanoes all
around.Mettalic clouds, melted metals on surface to list a few characters,
and this planet is most resembles our Earth (pre-historic) climate can turn
to be habitual earth-like after some millions of years.

Then think about all different in planets in our solar system be how
different they will be from what we percieve everyday of our mother earth.

Take a biology book, see animals ranging from often-living viruses, one cell
bacteria to complex humans.
Take a physics book,See the ranges of energy involved in energy
needed/emitted when electron changes orbits -to- when two nuclei unite to
form a new element.

Lord Maheshwara is the Lord of all these things and everything. Not just to
this solar system, galaxies, milky ways, everything that you imagine/can't
imagine combined and above. why above? There are(?)/can be other senses that
we may be blind to.

Why do we think that Lord to have A form, lest think of human form currently
prevailing on this little planet earth? Earlier human form homo erectus can
be different from today's homo sapiens form.

ShivaLinga and other objects of worship, I believe whatever we see them,
that is
what their rupa/form.that's it. That ends there only. Their inner meaning,
that grows beyond language as you start to experience under the able
guidance of guru who is nothing but Lord Maheshwara him/it/herself - is what
it is denoting all the time.

Shivalinga denotes that meaning/experience that has to 'realized' through
guru, but not by personifying/materializing the Lord, and substituting
his/her/it's body parts with whatever you felt you understood.

Like I say to my son, when we make snow man, let us put this carrot in the
snow man's face as his nose. And in feture film Dumb&Dumber, they put that
carrot as Snow man's lingam!.
Like this there arises adverse misusage if incase , we associate meanings to
And somebody mis-interprets.

With this thinking in background, if I thrown up 2 options - match 1.
shivalingam to
a) shiva's lingam body part, b) a notation of shiva himself.

You know what will I choose.

SrIgurussarvakAraNabhUtA SaktiH.
Om SrIguruparabrahmaNE namaH.

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