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Fri Nov 11 10:49:30 CST 2005

AdaraNIya SrI S.A.,

I am looking at this part of your message -

"and only people seriously
practicing full time haTha yoga and the like are
usually given these linga-s. This worship od rasa
linga is done in conjunction with following other
practices like consuming tulasi kAShaya"

And this is from first post on this topic -
"large Shivalinga consisting of 1500 kilograms of parad(mercury)"

I am wondering is this 15 quintal load of lingam will be exposed only to
to the people "seriously practicing full time haTha yoga and the like"
And they guaranteed to do this "in conjunction with following other
practices like consuming tulasi kAShaya"?

Also when you get mercury rid off it's ill effects by some means,
How that nurturing effect will have over a period of time?
Will it detoriate/go under corrosion may be/but not limited to some
abhishekams done on this lingam.
Also like somebody from other faith tries to spread ill effects of mercury
from this lingam
and does some reverse-chemical process to bring the beast back in mercury,
what will happen?
Unknown illnesses in visitors and spate of communal riots afterwards?

Why you are substantiating and underlining "kartRutva bhAvana"?, like I will
put the biggest Linga,
I will build the tallest towers of hinduism, why you like to own/enhance
When you do things with ahamkaram, you never get mukti. You may get higher
posts like Indra padavi
or some devata padavis, till your thus assumed/attained puNya/goodness
surrounds your ahamkara.Later on like Nahusha you will
be out of Indra padavi, and back to bhUloka. This is what I remember from
AdhyAtma ramayana, JaTAyu's elder brother
as told by Sage kardama(may be at diiferent place in adhyAtma rAmAyaNa).This
is what my SrIGuru too insisted at sometime to
not to have kartRutva bhAvana.

sakala bhuvana udaya,sthiti,laya maya lIlA vinOdanOdyuktaH.
yatO vA imAni bhUtAni jAyanti, yEna jAtAni jIvanti, yat prayanti

Nothing is invincible.everything recycles.sAkshi of this is eternal.
some svEcchayA--tUlikayA jagatcitraM samAlikhya.. kind of sentence can also
be mentioned here, that I could not remember in full Sanskrit.

My mom, when she watches any movie/soap opera, she starts to cry, get angry
or get happy, according the altering situations
in that visual. If we show her that episode in 2X (twice the)speed, her
bouts of emotions may lessen in half.
If 4X, or 6X speed she may be feeling-less about what's going on in those
Right now my body is in some 'jAtAni jIvanti'/ sthiti phase. With ahamkara,
I see this sthiti is real as it is today, right now.
Because I am eternal, regardless of this body I dwell in, let me fast
forward this shivalinga or other structure building episode.
It(mercury shivalingam/towers) risen,took prayers - brief instant, it
fallen, remembered for some time, forgotten, it is nowhere,
and time going on forever later without a trace of that linga/structure,
till maha praLay comes.And time too gone.
then,new time begins/recycles to be gone later.

BUT the sakshi, jnAnam is eternal.only sAkshi knows that time has been
So spread that eternal jnAnam.Do not spread mercury, or physical buildings/
towers of hinduism.
Today we still have Hinduism, because we possess that eternal knowledge, not
because we had towers, structures,
shivalingams all around the place.How small is earth and on it, bharata
desam.And that being invaded numerous times by other faiths.
Know OUR strength.SPREAD IT. I went with one of my gujarati friend, he took
me to a house in the evening there people are having
'swAdhyAy' session, he told me that they group, and read a chapter or two
from our scriptures (that time it was from the Gita)
and this kind of 'swAdhyAy' is started by some great person in Gujarat -I
believe. And lot of people follow that.
Like this and as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi shown in life
(to which Albert Einstein quoted -"Generations to come, it may be, will
scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked on
this earth"
This is how I think of not just AdiShankarAcArya, but on my GuruParampara
all included)
Follow your belief in your own life, then you either easily can spread it/
everyone understoods/follows easily with conviction.

Let us spread/strengthen our faith by following it, studying it and
conversing on it like swadhyAys or like through this kind of
online/otherwise groups
and we all grow together.But not focus on building structures
physically.Alas, our faith tells on the face that physical-goes-in a second.

If I go to a Iskcon temple, I feel the smell of concrete and paints.
If I visit tirumala temple, besides feeling some commercialization,
I feel bhakti engulfing me as I enter swAmi sannidhi.
I have not visited this, but the moment I see Auschwitz on TV, I see the
helpless death of humanity in 1940s,
and smell the burning human corpses though I am sitting in my home,infront
of TV.

I am wondering what would one feels when they go near this mercury lingam?
I may feel just mercury and the foolishness in wasting valuable
time,energy,resources like that,
instead of spreading the God's word as other faiths do and realizing God for

Om SrIguruparabrahmaNE namaH

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