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Re Sri Amudans lovely response on Bhakti and Jnana, and esp w.r.t Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Ramana, which he concludes as below:
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'** Formerly believers in God with form
used to visit me a great deal. Then the modern
Brahmajnanis [believers in formless Brahman] began to
arrive. During that period I used to remain
unconscious in samadhi most of the time. Whenever I
regained consciousness, I would say to the Divine
Mother, **'O Mother, please don't give me
Brahmajnana.'** "

\\end quote

on the other hand, we have the case of bhagavAn ramaNa
maharShi, who was supposedly dakShiNAmUrti's
incarnation, sticking on to brahma j~nAna so firmly
that more often than not, only silence prevailed in
his vicinity. 

j~nAnI-s and premI-s are a strange lot. both of them
cannot be understood with our intellect. we have to
become one of them if we ever want to understand them

rAma rAma!
  In the "being" of Ramana and Ramakrishna, Bhakti and Jnana are but like colors of one rainbow, I think. 
  Sri Ramana, although a rock of silence and absolute non-diuality, would melt in Bhakti too...He composed the Aksharamanamalai, in praise of Arunachala Siva - sublime outpouring in Nayaka Nayaki bhava...As can be seen in many books - When Sri Ramana related stories of God, many a time, he would be so overcome with bhava, that he would be in tears, voice choked, and wouldnt be able to proceed....
  and yes, he was Supreme-Stil-Silence too, as he sat like Sri Ranganathaswamy, head on his hand, in the old hall of Sri Ramanasramam - with devotees of all ages, sitting in silence and peace.
  sri amudam has said that so well....just as Sri Ramana has himelf said in the two invocatory verses of ullatu naarpadu....in the first one, he says that the only way to know is to Be...and in the second one, he says, "surrender" to the Lord.....original verse with free translation....
  uLLatala      tuLLavuNar    vuLLatO    vuLLaporu
  LuLLalaRa  vuLLattE       yuLLatA   -  luLLamenu
  muLLaporu  LuLLaleva     nuLLattE    yuLLapaTi
  yuLLatE   yuLLa  luNar                    -i- 
  If there was not that which exists
              Will there be the cognizance that one exists?
  Since that existence-substance
                          Devoid of thought, 
  Is in the heart
  That Existence-Reality-Truth substance, 
  Which is termed as the heart,
  How is one to comprehend that?  
  In the manner
              In which That abides in the heart,
  In that very manner, 
  Abiding in the heart,
              Being just that, 
              Is to comprehend that.
  maraNapaya    mikkuLavam   makkaLara   Naka
  maraNapava   millA   makEcan  -  caraNamE
  cArvar   taJ  cArvOTutAJ  cAvuRRAr   cAveNNaJ[1]
  cArvarO   cAvA   tavar                                       -ii-
  Those who, in dread of death,
  Verily seek refuge in the fortress
  Of the holy feet of Lord Almighty,
  Who has neither birth nor death;
  Their I-ness and Mine-ness dies!
  Will they ever again be apprehended
  By the notion of death?
  Best Regards

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