[Advaita-l] happy rAma navamI !!

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Sun Apr 9 00:34:03 CDT 2006

namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI kAmeshvar,

--- "G. Kameshwar" <gkamesh_at_rocketmail.com> wrote:
>   Sri Ramana, although a rock of silence and
> absolute non-diuality, would melt in Bhakti too...He
> composed the Aksharamanamalai, in praise of
> Arunachala Siva - sublime outpouring in Nayaka
> Nayaki bhava...As can be seen in many books - When
> Sri Ramana related stories of God, many a time, he
> would be so overcome with bhava, that he would be in
> tears, voice choked, and wouldnt be able to
> proceed....

yes, that's the most beautiful part of it. had it not
been for mahAtmAs like ramaNa maharShi, it would have
been very difficult to appreciate verses such as

'chaturvidhA bhajante mAM..... ** j~nAnI cha **

'AtmArAmAshcha munayo nirgranthA apyurukrame.
 kurvantyahaitukIM bhaktimitthaM bhUtaguNo hariH..' 

for j~nAnIs, there is no real distinction between
bhakti and j~nAna. it is only in j~nAnIs that we can
find pure bhakti. similarly, those who do niShkAma
bhakti automatically get j~nAna. 

i never knew that akSharamanamAlai was written in
nAyaka-nAyakI bhAva. unfortunately, i haven't tasted
that work yet and i'll do that asap. thanks * a lot *
for providing the necessary motivation even if that
wasn't your intention :)

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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