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Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 05:35:17 CDT 2006

>a very simple meaning of 'rAma' is 'ramayati-iti
>rAmaH' - 'rAma is He who delights (us)'. to get a
>detailed meaning, let us look at what bhagavatpAda
>says in His nAmasahasra bhAShya, 

>1A. 'nityAnandalakShaNe.asmin yogino ramanta iti
>1B. "ramante yogino.anante nityAnande chidAtmani.
>     iti rAmapadenaitatparaM brahmAbhidhIyate.." 
>iti padmapurANe. 
>2. svechChayA ramaNIyaM vapurvahan vA dAsharathI
>1A. since the yogIs take delight in Him, who is
>infinite and eternal bliss, He is (known as) rAma.
>1B. it is said in the padmapurANa that 'the word
>'rAma' stands for the supreme, infinite and eternal
>brahman, the conscious self in which the yogIs revel.
>2. or, rAma denotes the son of dasharatha who took
>that (exceedingly) beautiful form by His own wish.



1. name rAma is derived from ram, the agni bIja. He
   who has "worn", "assumed" the ram bIja is rAma.
   (in hindi: "ram bIja dhAraNa karane vAlA rAma")
2. dasharatha - one who reins the 10 senses - the mind
   that controls the senses (as opposed to a mind 
   that is controlled by the senses). rAma is 
   dasharatha Atmaja (born of the self of such a 
   controlled mind).

3. single name rAma is equal to the entire 
   sahasranAma of vishnu.

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