[Advaita-l] 'End' not 'Means'

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Tue Apr 18 14:58:00 CDT 2006

On Thu, 13 Apr 2006, m w wrote:

>            what Vishwanathanji was talking was infact "means" which is
>          the means to that "end" .... I think what he means is that
>          instead of talking about if women can read vedas or not or this
>          or that...it is better to stay away from such debates that
>          could have no solution from so many centuries

As Amuthan pointed out it was a solved question until some latecomers
tried to unsolve it again.

>          and wouldn't be so atleast for india...for tying ourselves with
>          such bondages
>          where we have all the means to freedom has become a curse for
>          us...it is like "this is my boon...this is my curse..."...

For the monkey, to use Sanjays example, who is only imitating without
understanding, everything seems like a burden and a chore.  The answer is
don't be a monkey!  To a child, it seems really unjust to be doing
homework when one could be playing outside in the sunshine.  Yet the
parents insist on it no matter how much whining or arguing.  Because they
know in the long run it is for the childs own good.  And when that child
grows up he realizes they were right.   The curse of India is so many of
its people seem to prefer to remain monkeys/children.

>          also women can think for themselves what they want and also that it
>          is high time; for women are gaining that liberty... this is the
>          reason sometimes I feel WEST is on the better edge...for they
>          don't have to believe something or disbelieve something...they
>          don't have something that has been embedded into them as a
>          tradition..

Manish, do you or have you ever actually lived in the West?  Because
writing from New York, the notion that the people here are in any less
bondage or thinking whatever they want is laughable.  They have different
types of bondage that's all.

>          .and coming out of all such notions is the means to
>          that end...which is also being notionless state....

What good is being in a notionless state if 10 minutes later you are back
in front of the TV or at the job, or doing the laundry again?  If you
really want that notionless state, by all means take sannyasa and renounce
everything.  If you only give up your religious duties while remaining
enmeshed in all other notions you are delusional not notionless.

>   is sometimes needed to cut the very rooot... Regarding
>   Krishnamurthi...

...he wasn't an Advaitin.

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