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Shri Krishnan Ji,
Thanks for the explanation  and the references are too great. That shows the Pramana bhuddhi and the vinayam supressing the ego.


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Shri Yadu-ji,

As we know, pa~ncaayatana pUja is around pUjanam of of "Adityam,
Ambikam,Vishnum, Gananatham, Maheswaram"

This pa~ncaayatanam is named as Siva pa~ncaayatanam or  Sakthi
pa~ncaayatanam  or Vishnu pa~ncaayatanam or Aditya pa~ncaayatanam  or
Ganesa pa~ncaayatanam  depending upon which 'murthi' occupies the
central location (Ref: Proceedings of 'Vyasa Vidwat Sadas, convened by
Kanchi Sri Mahaswami, at  Narayanapuram, Madurai, Tamilnadu  1963)

In Siva pa~ncaayatanam , Siva is throned at the center, Aditya at
Southeast, Gananatha at the Southwest, Ambika at the Northwest and
Vishnu at the Northeast.

I am not sure of the positionings in other pa~ncaayatana pUjas.

Also may I add that Kanchi Sri Mahaswami mentions that Kanchi Mata
pUja  is around Siva pa~ncaayatanam  (Ref: Page 141, 'Deivatin Kural'
, Part II, Vanathi Publishers, 9th Edition,
July 1999)


S. Krishnan

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> Nmaste Krishan-Ji:
>   Welcome to the group.
>   Can you please enlighten us on "Siva Panchayatana Pooja" ?
>   How does this differ from the conventional "pa~ncaayatana pUja" and it's
> significance ?
>   Thank you,
>   Dr. Yadu
> "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at braincells.com> wrote:
>   Pranam
> My name is Krishnan, a Tamil smArtha, currently located in Mumbai, India.
> We belong to Taittiriya Sakha of Krishna Yajur Veda. At home,
> we have Siva Panchayatana Pooja. For many years, we are performing
> (Taittirita Aranyaka Pratama Prsna based) Surya Namskaram every
> Sunday.
> S. Krishnan
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