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Tue Dec 12 08:26:14 CST 2006

Viswanathan N <vishy1962 at ...> writes:

> Pranams Vidyashankarji
>   Thanks a lot for such a clear and detailed explanations.
>    Can I summarise this way....
>   Mere reading scriptures wont lead to jnana unless you contemplate on what
you learnt and experience it
> personally. 


brahman has no relational content and hence, it can not be realized through
contemplation. Nor it can be a product of meditation. sureshvara brings about
this point while dealing with prasankhyAyana.  

The traditional approach of shravaNa, manana, and nididhyAsana - is different.
There is scope for repetition in shravaNa to overcome defects in hearing. manana
is the process of resolving the doubts regarding to pramANa and prameya, etc.
But nididhyAsana is not repetition of reasoning or the verbal testimony. It is
more of removing the defect of viparyaya or incorrect understanding. sureshvara
addresses these issues in chapter 3 of naiShkarmyasiddhi.  

If I am not mistaken aparoxa j~nAna should arise immediately after shravaNa (and
manana). Connecting with what Kartik is posting, nididhyAsana is more  for
vasana xaya and not for bringing about aparoxa jnAna. If aparaoxa jnAna does not
arise immediately after shravaNa, then it will not arise by repeating what was
heard or its reasoning a million times . (This paragraph is my understanding,
hence it could be wrong).

Corrections and additions are welcome.


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