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Thu Dec 14 16:34:58 CST 2006

Viswanathan N <vishy1962 at ...> writes:

> But still it would remain only as thoratical
> knoledge. However to stabilise on what you have understood and to experience
that /  for  getting dissolved 
> in  it(contemplation/ meditation) is essential. Isnt't it!!! .

namaste Viswanathan mahodaya,

What you have written above is not correct with regard to Self. It is direct and
immediate.  If you are at the right stage (that is accomplished in sAdhana
chatuShTaya), then shravaNa is enough. aparoxa j~nAna will dawn at that instant.
You do not have to labor over that at all.

The term "paroxa" means second hand experience, or literally through others eyes
(para axa). aparoxa is direct, first hand.


Examples are imperfect, but I will try one here.

You are a king and in an accident you have become mad.  Without healing your
madness, no matter how hard they try to make repeat, affirm, contemplate,
immerse in the fact that you are a king. Nothing is going to change.

And one fine day, a saint comes to your palace where you are kept under guard
and heals you. That instant, you know that you are the king. Should you do
anything more to become a king? Should you contemplate on it, absorb it, belabor
over it? NO. You know that you ARE the king. And that is it. It is a direct
first hand knowledge.

AtmajnAna is like this. 

No matter how many billion years you were in a dark cave, when the first ray of
light hits the cave; that darkness will vanish. This is because, darkness is not
a thing by itself. It is a mere absence of light.

Goal is getting rid of the madness of avidya. That is where the belaboring part
is. Not in establishing the knowledge. Latter is Self evident.

My 2c. Corrections are welcome.

With best wishes,


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