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> praNAms Sri Amuthan prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> AA prabhuji:
> for a brahmavit, avidyA is not completely removed
> though he has a first hand knowledge of brahman.
> bhaskar :
> I am not able to get this statement of yours...coz. shruti says
> *brahmavit
> brahmaiva bhavati*...you mean to say here even after brahma jnAna /
> after
> *becoming* brahman ...there is room for residue of avidyA??

Yes - there can be a "residue" of avidyA even after aparoksha

For a BrahmaGYAnI who is not a jIvanmukta, avidyA exists like a
serpent whose fangs have been removed. But for a BrahmaGYAnI who has
attained jIvanmukti, the serpent is fully destroyed. This is the
position of svAmi VidyAraNya:


The above link is actually incomplete, but it gives a rough idea of
the differences between a BrahmaGYAnI and a jIvanmukta.



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