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Thu Feb 2 13:04:37 CST 2006

namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI bhAskar,

--- bhaskar.yr_at_in.abb.com wrote:
> I am not able to get this statement of yours...coz.
> shruti says *brahmavit
> brahmaiva bhavati*...you mean to say here even after
> brahma jnAna / after
> *becoming* brahman ...there is room for residue of
> avidyA??

i used the word 'brahmavit' in the sense described in
an earlier mail. only a brahmavidvariShTha, who is a
jIvanmukta, has no residual avidyA left.

--- bhaskar.yr_at_in.abb.com wrote:
> prabhuji, then kindly elaborate what is jIvanmukti
> ...Sri vidyAshankara
> prabhuji differentiates jIvan mukti & sadyO
> mukti...do you mean here sadyO
> mukti is not possible when jnAni is in sharIra??  by
> the way, Atma jnAna
> pertains to svarUpa jnAna not anyway relevant to our
> sharIra..under this
> circumstance, how does it matter whether jnAni is
> with body or without body
> to ascertain his pUrNatva ??

i don't know anything about sadyo mukti. probably shrI
ramaNa maharShi falls under this category. but
jIvanmukti is the complete destruction of avidyA. a
jIvanmukta is brahman. there is nothing for him to
perceive. more fundamentally, there is nothing called
perception for him. we may see his body. but he
doesn't. (i'm writing this solely based on what i've
read about bhagavAn ramaNa maharShi.)

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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