[Advaita-l] Sri SK Ramachandra Rao - A versatile Personality

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Thu Feb 2 22:45:54 CST 2006

Hare Krishna

An  eminent  scholar  S.K.  Ramachandra  Rao  gave  up  his mortal coil  on
Thursday  at  his  residence  in Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka. He was 78
(born  on  4th  Sept'1927). It is indeed an immeasurable loss to our vaidik
world  in  general & Advaita vEdAnta in particular.  He was popularly known
here  in  Karnataka as *Mobile encyclopaedia* (in Kannada *nadedAduva viSva
kOSa).  His scholarship, profoundity & in-depth knowledge in various fields
like   culture,  music,  sculpture, drama, philosophy, psychology etc. etc.
brought  him  this  *nick  name*.    He  was  also a man of many languages,
...written  profusely  in  Kannada,  English,  Sanskrit  on  various topics
especially   on   vEdAnta,  buddhism,  jainism,  Indian  culture,  art  and
literature ...
 A  prolific  writer, Prof. Sri SK  Rao, though born & brought up in mAdhava's tattvavAda 
 saMpradAya,  was  a  hard  core  follower  of  shankara  philosophy & acknowledge HH Sri 
 Chandrashekhara  Bharati  as  his *guru* in his various works.  His contribution towards 
 Advaita  vEdAnta  is  inestimable.   He has written books on Shankara & adhyAsa bhAshya, 
 Consciousness  in  Advaita (in English), sAradA pITada mANikya (about Sringeri Jagadguru 
 HH  Sri Sri Chandrashekhara bhArati), Shankara SandEsha (in Kannada) also he has written 
 various books on Sri VidyA upAsana, RigvEda saMhita etc. etc.                            
 Let us wholeheartedly pray the Almighty to grant eternal peace to this noble soul....    
 Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!                                                                    

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