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namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI S.N.shAstrI,

thanks for the reference to svAmi chandrasekhara
bhArati's commentary on vivekachUDAmaNi.  

--- "S.N. Sastri" <sn.sastri_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> But asamsakti being nothing but non-attachment, it
> is already included in
> sAdhanacatushTaya. 

asamsakti is not the same as the non-attachment that
one developed as a part of sAdhana chatuShTaya. there,
vairAgya springs forth from a discrimination between
what is eternal and what is non-eternal. but in the
present case, it cannot be interpreted that way. MS
interprets it to be identical with nirvikalpaka
samAdhi ('tatra savikalpakasamAdhyabhAsena niruddhe
manasi ** yA nirvikalpakasamAdhyavasthA
sA.asamsaktiriti ** suShuptiriti chochyate.' - 'when
the mind is withdrawn by means of savikalpaka samAdhi,
in it, ** a state known as nirvikalpaka samAdhi is
produced. this is known as asamsakti ** and sleep.'
thus, this asamsakti cannot be a part of sAdhana

--- "S.N. Sastri" <sn.sastri_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> [...] The word
> 'brahmavit' as used in the upanishads and by Sankara
> clearly means one who
> has realized brahman and so is a jIvanmukta.
> (brahmavit brahmaiva bhavati).
> Thus, even though it is the fifth stage that is
> jIvanmukti according to
> yogavAsishTa, there is no need for a further special
> knowledge to arise
> after the destruction of avidyA, because destruction
> of avidya can take
> place only for a person who has acquired total
> non-attachment.

nothing can arise 'after' the destruction of avidyA
since the notions of time, arising, destruction etc.
presuppose avidyA. what i said earlier is that for a
brahmavit (in the same sense as that used in yoga
vAsiShTha), avidyA is not totally destroyed. because
of sattvApatti, the tattva j~nAna that he got from his
guru becomes aparokSha tattva j~nAna and this destroys
the residual avidyA left out. of course, for a
jIvanmukta there is neither mind nor body and hence
there is no question of any knowledge arising etc.    

--- "S.N. Sastri" <sn.sastri_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> It is seen that the word 'brahmavit' is used in
> different senses in the
> upanishads and yogavAsishTa.It is this that creates
> confusion.

very true. i guess the meaning of the word 'brahmavit'
has to be found out based on the context where it is

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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