transliteration scheme (was Re: [Advaita-l] GITA - 2.26, 27)

Amuthan aparyap at
Tue Feb 7 22:19:32 CST 2006

namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI jayanArAyaNan,

--- S Jayanarayanan <> wrote:
> The latest ITRANS 5.3 gives a new way of encoding
> R^i:
> ---
> RRi / R^i    RRI / R^I    LLi / L^i    LLI / L^I
> ---
> The reason for the two RR's is that the single R is
> used to encode a
> Marathi letter.

i was aware of this alternate usage earlier, but
finally decided to use R for R^i since it looks much
better (and is also easier to write). since we will
not have any occasion to use marAthi in this list, the
above change shouldn't cause much problem :-)

of course, the above shortcut will not work for L^i
since a lingual 'La' (other than the dental 'la')
exists in saMskRtam. anyway, usage of L^i / LLi is
fine since it's occurence is quite rare (to my
knowledge, it occurs only in the verbs derived from
the root kL^ip). btw, i've never seen 'L^I' anywhere.
does anyone know any word where it occurs??

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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