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Thank you very much. I have read something from Sri Ramana Maharshi ( in
fact, I feel very atracted for his teachings)but I was not sure that studing
"by myself" would suffice.

Now I will look at it  as a new open road to me.



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  A beginnner in Vedanta needs to have an expert guide. Otherwise, it will
be a case of the blind leading the blind and both falling into the ditch. I
suggest that you visit Ramana Maharishi's website and freely download many of his teachings
froam the downloads page on the website, which are in simple and plain
English. You need to have adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer to
view the pdf files. and you can download and install the same acrobat reader
free from

  I think Sri Ramana Maharihi, who was a great sage of south India could be
a real and perfect living guide (impersonal, but his teachings are
universally and eternally applicable). In fact, many foreigners to Indian
philosophy have benefited from Sri Ramana's teachings. You may read Paul
Brunton's "A Search in Secret India," in which he recounts his experiences
with Indian saints and sages including Sri Ramana.

  Other living teachers and novices, beginners, etc, like the one who has
been recommended by someone may not judge your capacity, talent, weakness
etc and may overload you with philosophic stuff, in their over-eagerness to
help, that you may not be able to grasp in the beginning. Best of all, keep
communicating with the board members regularly about your doubts and we on
the board will do our best to help you. The board is all for more serious
and interested members and new entrants are always welcome, provided they
are serious about acquiring knowledge. Best wishes, Ramesh

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