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On Fri, 17 Feb 2006, Martone wrote:

> Hello
> Thank you very much. I have read something from Sri Ramana Maharshi ( in
> fact, I feel very atracted for his teachings)but I was not sure that studing
> "by myself" would suffice.

It's not ideal.  But sometimes reality falls short of the ideal.  Look at 
Arjuna.  Whether he surrenders his rightful kingdom to his evil cousins or 
fights and kills them, bad things are going to happen.  That is why he 
falls into a paralysis of depression.  But in the Gita Krishna Bhagavan 
teaches him to transcend the fatalistic point of view and see that he is 
so much more than his present circumstances.

So you might not think you are in the best of situations but you are 
immortal.  You have passed through thousands of lifetimes and situations 
and will pass through thousands more until the goal is reached.  The 
important thing for this life is to make some forward progress.  Hopefully 
a lot but atleast a little.

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