[Advaita-l] Re: Proper worship in Shankara's tradition

N R, Chakradhar (Chakradhar) nrchakradhar at lucent.com
Mon Feb 27 02:56:45 CST 2006

Dear Members,
I have a related question to the one raised by Subramanian V.
"Avarana puja" is found as part of pujas performed for certain deities,
the most famous being the 'Nava-avarana puja' associated with Sri Chakra
This "avarana" was mentioned by Prof V.K. in his Digests on Soundaryalahari.

In the panchayatana puja is there a mention of "avarana puja"?
Has Sri Shankaracharya commented on the "avarana puja" in any of his
Does the "avarana puja" has advaitic significance?
Does the numbers like "pancha-avarana", "nava-avarana" etc for different
deities has
any significance?

Expecting thoughtful insights from the learned members of this group.

Humble pranams
N R Chakradhar 

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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Proper worship in Shankara's
> tradtion
> What is the position of Adi Shankaracharya on
> worship
>     of different Gods (other than the five priciple
> gods
>     of panchayatana worship)?
>     Though it is acceptable to worship any of the
>     different gods(Ultimately,all worship leads to
> the
>     lotus feet of Vishnu). I think it is not correct
> to
>     worship any Non Vedic deity as it may lead to
> delay or
>     even reversal of spiritual progress.
>     For instance , reverence of sai baba or Jesus
> may
> be
>     okay, but to worship them as God may be harmful
> or
>     even disastrous.
>     Can anyone provide me Information on texts that
> teach
>     panchayatana (according to vaidik tradition)
> form
> of
>     worship properly.
>     There are some  clarifications in this regard
>     1. There is a story of Shankara stopping the
> worship
>     of Yama. Can I know the context surrounding
> this?
>     2. What is Shankara's position on worship of
> Skanda.
>     He is not included on the original set of five
> gods.
>     3. What is Shankara's opinion on worship of
> Buddha. I
>     am aware of the differnces in the two sects.But
> what
>     is the position of Shankara.
>     Regards,
>     Subramanian V.

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