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Namaskram  Sri Chakradhar , 

Dear Sir  for devi ,and panchayatana devi is one of the diety in panchayatana for all gods there is Avarana Puja .Due to time or laziness people have not introduced if you see old people they do .for Shiva  11 AVarana ,Devi 9,Surya 12, Vishnu 8,,Ganapati 8.
so If you have more doubts you can email me again .
Thx for giving me this oppurtunity .


"N R, Chakradhar (Chakradhar)" <nrchakradhar at lucent.com> wrote:  Dear Members,
I have a related question to the one raised by Subramanian V.
"Avarana puja" is found as part of pujas performed for certain deities,
the most famous being the 'Nava-avarana puja' associated with Sri Chakra
This "avarana" was mentioned by Prof V.K. in his Digests on Soundaryalahari.

In the panchayatana puja is there a mention of "avarana puja"?
Has Sri Shankaracharya commented on the "avarana puja" in any of his
Does the "avarana puja" has advaitic significance?
Does the numbers like "pancha-avarana", "nava-avarana" etc for different
deities has
any significance?

Expecting thoughtful insights from the learned members of this group.

Humble pranams
N R Chakradhar 

> From: "harish subramanian" 
> To: 
> Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 11:45 AM
> Subject: [Advaita-l] Proper worship in Shankara's
> tradtion
> What is the position of Adi Shankaracharya on
> worship
> of different Gods (other than the five priciple
> gods
> of panchayatana worship)?
> Though it is acceptable to worship any of the
> different gods(Ultimately,all worship leads to
> the
> lotus feet of Vishnu). I think it is not correct
> to
> worship any Non Vedic deity as it may lead to
> delay or
> even reversal of spiritual progress.
> For instance , reverence of sai baba or Jesus
> may
> be
> okay, but to worship them as God may be harmful
> or
> even disastrous.
> Can anyone provide me Information on texts that
> teach
> panchayatana (according to vaidik tradition)
> form
> of
> worship properly.
> There are some clarifications in this regard
> 1. There is a story of Shankara stopping the
> worship
> of Yama. Can I know the context surrounding
> this?
> 2. What is Shankara's position on worship of
> Skanda.
> He is not included on the original set of five
> gods.
> 3. What is Shankara's opinion on worship of
> Buddha. I
> am aware of the differnces in the two sects.But
> what
> is the position of Shankara.
> Regards,
> Subramanian V.
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