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Dear nattu,

please explain me more about mahanyasa,I searched net using 
google but couldn't find anything.even i came to know that 
books with meaning or description are not available in bangalore

do you know about good books in english or kanada ? or website ?

Thanks in advance


On Mon, 02 Jan 2006 Neelakanta,Nataraja wrote :
>Dear Mr. Prashant
>Mahaanyaasa is the elaborated nyaasa what you do before chanting Sri Rudram. There are 2 versions of Mahaanyaasa. Boudhaayanoktha and Raavanooktha. Raavana was the person who laid out the rules for Mahaanyaasa. Boudhaayana has elaborated on the same.
>It describes various angaas of Parameshwara. It's a beautiful art, because it has a section called Shiva sankalpa. It describes each and everything to be a shiva sankalpa.
>More details, if needed in the next mail.
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>please explain me what is mahanyasa,panchanguli rudra ?
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