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Fri Jan 6 00:48:38 CST 2006

Dear nattu,

please explain me more about mahanyasa,I searched net using
google but couldn't find anything.even i came to know that 
books with
meaning or description are not available in bangalore 

do you know about
good books in english or kanada ? or website ?

Hare krishna

Sri Ramakrishna Mutt has published mahanyAsAdi maNtrAH in kannada you can
ask at Basavangudi...mahanyAsa mainly consisting of namaka (shatra
rudrIya/rudra prashna ) maNtra-s....its mainly all about  glorification of
rudra.  So far I dont see any commentary on this mahanyAsa maNtra bhAga
since, it is,  I believe a collection of  maNtra-s from various parts of

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!

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